Massimo Morello

Massimo Morello


Born in beautiful Venice, Italy, Massimo Morello comes from three generations of Italian hairdressers, and has been perfecting his craft for over two decades.

Massimo moved to Australia, and for several years ran a successful hairdressing salon before discovering KEVIN.MURPHY and becoming an educator for the brand.

In 2012, growing from a GOLD.KEY to the brand’s first European STYLE.MASTER, he is a huge addition to the KEVIN.MURPHY family and yet another critical force taking the brand to the GLOBAL level. He is now traveling the world inspiring and educating hairdressers in Europe and Asia, working on numerous prestigious fashion shows throughout Europe, including being the 2014 Hair Director at the Paris Haute Couture show for the Australian designer Bowie Wong.

His passion in educating and sharing the KEVIN.MURPHY ideal is helping to inspire and grow educators around the world to become more than they ever expected to become.

A big smile, a brush and ANTI.GRAVITY are Massimo’s favorite assets.