Pascal Van Loenhout

Pascal Van Loenhout


Working with passion and dedication has given Pascal the opportunity to establish an international reputation in education. With numerous recognition and accolades, including Belgium Hairdresser of the Year and Global Look of the Year – London, Pascal went on to create Hair by Van Loenhout in 2007 in the heart of Antwerp with a boutique salon and academy introducing bespoke hairdressing.

Exposure to British hairdressing in the very early nineties proved to be a turning point in Pascal van Loenhout’s career. It was the spark that turned hairdressing into an art form, which changed the way he looked at the business completely.

Pascal works closely with Kevin Murphy to produce the annual CUT.ME collection with inspiring and challenging techniques and stunning results.

He also, along with the other members of Hair, continuously shares his knowledge to inspire people to expand their personal style. “Sometimes, we have to experience a complicated journey to fully appreciate the art of simplicity,” the CUTTING.MASTER himself has said.